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“LIGAdent” is one of the greatest stomatological centers of the republic. It was founded in 1987 as a stomatological policlinic N7 of Yerevan. Afterwards, after the ownership process, it was renamed as “LIGAdent” and already as “LIGAdent” it has a history of 11 years. “LIGAdent” has a working stuff consisting of 75 people, 25 of them are doctors. Having the unique building conditions to fulfill stomatological Servicess the center includes specialized subdivisions which let us serve the habitants with all the modern and good quality stomatological Servicess at the spot.


By the way,  Ashot Gevorgyan, the director of  “LIGAdent” stomatological center is also the president of Armenian Dental Association whose office is in our center. Owing to the ample works of the association, Pan Armenian Forums, congresses and master classes are organized where our doctors get acquainted with the recent news of the world by taking part in these activities. Owing to efforts of Ashot Gevorgyan ERO Plenary Session will take place in Yerevan on 28-30 April, 2010 where 52 countries will take part.
The center is unique with its specification and is distinguished with the multifarious Servicess, quality and quantity results. It has already been 5 years that “LIGAdent” stomatological center is cooperating with German firm “Implaza Host” in the sphere of implantation. The cooperation is accomplished not only by the visit of the representatives of that firm in our center but also by the training of our specialists in Germany.
Stomatological center “LIGAdent” has a number of advantages:

  • Professional, contractedly specialized stuff
  • Separated subdivisions including subdivisions of modern stomatology, treatment and prosthetics, infantile, surgery, parodontistic,  implantology, orthodontic and night shift.
  • Technical laboratory and melting
  • Satiety of treating and diagnostic  modern equipments and implements, application of new materials and technology
  • Modern system of disinfection
  • Good conditions of serving the patients
  • Disposition of guarantee of the quality of treatment and prosthetics and of the usage extension

If you need to turn to a stomatologist, do not delay your visit to the stomatological center “LIGAdent”. As a rule, the first visit turns to a prolonged cooperation. It testifies the army of unanimous visitors, who become our friends in some time.