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Stomatologists possessing all the specialties work at the stomatological center “LIGAdent”; therapies, surgeons, orthodontists, implantaologists and paradontists who will do a consultation in case of necessity. It will let usto give an exact diagnosis, to plan the necessary treatment process. So, having a complete picture about the oral health, the doctor will suggest a complete treatment which includes

  • Extraction of direct causes
  • Some possible versions for the treatment of oral health

By the way, the stuff of the stomatological center “LIGAdent” has an experience to treat the complicated and difficult to give diagnosis cases when the patients are sent here from different medical statements.



The list of existing Servicess

The following Servicess are accomplished at the stomatological center “LIGAdent”

  • Therapeutic stomatology – treatment of caries and its complexes
  • Surgery stomatology – extraction of the tooth at any extent, other surgery interferences
  • Orthodontic stomatology – correction of the tooth, denture (without age limitation)
  • Orthopedic stomatology – removable prosthetics (laminar, clasp) and stationary prothesis (metal, metal ceramics, metal plastic)
  • Infantile stomatology – treatment and extraction of milk and permanent teeth, prophelactics
  • Paradontology – treatment of the gum and mucous diseases, extraction of dental tartar and dental injury, whitening of teeth
  • Aesthetic stomatology –  aesthetic restitution of teeth coronet
  • Endonotation –treatment of  impassable and curved tooth tubs
  • Implantation –intra ossificationary  implantation with direct or further prosthetics
  • Diagnostic stomatology – X-ray photographhy, orthopantography, diagnosis with inner-oral photography
  • Urgent stomatology – first medical aid (night shift)

 Price List of Some Servicess

Anesthesia 550 drams
Treatment of caries with light filling 6000 drams
Treatment of pulpit with gutta-percha mass 10500 drams
Extraction of tooth 1000 drams
Extraction of dental tartar 2500drams
Mucous diseases 4000drams
Paradontit 10000drams
X-ray photography 1000drams
Panoramic X-ray photography 3000drams
Laminar removable prosthesis 18000drams
Clasp dental prosthesis 75000drams
Metal ceramics 22000drams
Metal plastic 9000drams